Personal Trainer In Tel Aviv

Are you searching for a Personal Trainer in Tel Aviv? Well, If the answer is "YES" we can probably help. We offer a professional training session in a location of your choice (at home, a local gym or outdoors).

חוף גורדון

The Best Outdoor Spots for Personal Trainer in Tel Aviv

Gordon Beach – One of the best places in TLV for working out or just relaxing by the beach. It is the most popular, packed with tourists, families and teen. It is a sporty beach, especially during the summer when it's sunny so you can find there: swimmers, surfers, volleyball players, Matkot, personal trainers with their clients, runners and people who are making different kinds of exercising

Metzizim Beach – Located near Gordon Beach, it has two nice fitness equipment spots free of charge complimentary of Tel Aviv Muncipality.

Hayarkon Park – One of the Major sporty places in Tel aviv, packed with variety of people whose common passion is sport. You can find there: bikers, dogwalkes, group runners, tennis players, families, TRX trainers, football and basketball players. As a Personal Trainer who has been working a  couple of years in TLV, I must say that is my favorite training spot

פארק הירקון

?Most of the Personal Trainers are in Tel Aviv, is it true

According to BDI (Business Information Company) Survey of Fitness Clubs since 2011, Tel Aviv ranked as the city with the highest number of gyms. Therefore Tel Aviv has the highest number of personal trainers who work in the fitness Industry.

Moreover, TLV wellness and fitness awareness is very popular. You can see that ath the beaches, gyms, parks, street and even in restaurants.

For any kind of assistance or If you have any questions, you can reach us by phone, email and our website. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Have a Great Day, PERSONAL FIT TEAM

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