The Benefits of Training with a Personal Trainer

  • Leverage your time – It means that you can have a private training in your own saloon, whenever you want, without spending your precious time on traffics, babysitting and more
  • Getting the best results – The best way for having great results is by getting a professional instructor with numerous knowledge in fitness training as well as in nutrition. Not to mention, dozens of satisfied customers. You will maximize your goals faster than you think, if you have a fixed attendance
  • Variety Trainings – You'll never be bored during your trainings with a Personal Trainer, because he will take care that each private training will be different from the previous. For Example: one day you will have a TRX training, another day weights lifting, another day Running or Stretching
  • Saving your own money – It is not cheap. However, the value you're getting is beyond of all of your expectations.For instance, you're getting a VIP attention, all the exercises are built especially for your own needs, every movement is taken very precisely to prevent any injuries. Instead of an advanced monthly/yearly payment to the gym, you pay money only for your own private training

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Different Types of Personal Fitness Training

  • One on one training – Usually it takes between 45 min up to 60 Min, in the park or at the client's flat. The personal Trainer brings all the necessary fitness equipment such as: weights, TRX, resistance Rubber Bands, a fitball and a measuring tape
  • An Outdoor Training – If you enjoy being outside while smelling fresh air, this option could be great for you. Usually, the trainings are taken place in the park or at the beach. Also, it can be mixed, depends on the trainee's goals and needs.
  • A couple fitness training – A training for two people, it can be two friends, a husband and his beloved wife, a mom and her precious daughter etc. Each trainee gets different exercises which are suited for his/her needs. The time usually passes very quickly and it is very motivating
  • Training At Home – If you don't like to train outside or you dislike the feeling of people staring at you, it could be a nice alternative for you. A Personal fitness trainer will arrive till your front door with all the relevant fitness equipment. All you need to do is to move sharp things in your house and have enough space for having a safe training.

Our Personal Trainers

We do have a professionals personal trainers with High skills. Located all over Israel. Our main goal is to take place in every place.

For any kind of assistance you may write your name here or send us an Email, so one of our representatives will call you as soon as possible. Good Luck,

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